Upright Citizens Brigade Theater - Hollywood, CA

Brandie Posey, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray b
ackstage at the Lady To Lady SPANK show

Photo Courtesy: Brandie Posey

The coolest ladies of Lady to Lady. BONUS INFO. Barbara Gray will be on the October edition of I’ll Leave You With This! 

Episode 9: R & R (w/ Jane Harrison) | Blackstronauts!


Okay. I’m on full on shill mode for this, BUT, I’ll give the Courting Comedy audience insight the latest episode of the Blackstronauts!

  • We went on the expedition on June 8th 2014. We released the album on September 8th 2014. [Space Serendipity! Laziness]
  • Jane Harrison hounded me three different times to put the episode up, proving that it takes someone’s forceful support to get me to do ANYTHING
  • After the spa we drank and talked on Jane’s roof. San Francisco is a beautiful city.
  • Ash Clayton (aka Areospace Systems Hub), Sylvan’s resident musician and sound engineer, was not present at the recording of this episode (despite it taking place in his bedroom at SylvanHouse)
  • Ash and I edited the show. I wish recorded that as well because we’re constantly finding filters and features that amuses the shit out of us. It often leads to things like this.
  • I skipped lunch at my real job to post and promote this episode. Isn’t my possible termination worth a listen?
  • This episode marks the creation of our Facebook Page. “Like” for exclusive clips, art and updates.

I forced a bunch of dudes to get mani pedis. IT WAS THE BEST